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Walrus Mount
Walrus Mount
Mixed Media
Width: 30cm Height: 30cm Depth: 40cm

I'm back and building baby! I've always wanted to make a walrus.

A very exciting commission for a very good friend of mine. Check out her work, it's awesome.

This is a practical sculpture because it HANGS! No need for plinths etc, just bang a nail into the wall and let it dangle. I want to do more of this...

Width: 30cm
Height: 30 cm
Depth: 40 cm

CD shards (over 40 CDs used)
Wire mesh frame
Hot glue
Black and chrome paint
1 week work time

I use kitchen scissors to cut the shapes I need out of the CDs, then arrange each shard by colour and size. I then hot glue those shards one-by-one to a wire mesh frame to create a natural fur pattern.