Meet Sean E. Avery
Sean is a sculptor with international acclaim, best known for his animal sculptures made from CDs and electronic waste. Pictures of his work have appeared in publications all around the world, and many private collectors and galleries have purchased his animals for display. Some acquisitions have gone to Ripleys Believe It Or Not! museums in Hollywood and Balitmore, Scitech, Woodside Oil and Gas, Nespresso and REmida in Perth, to name a few. In 2014, he went to represent Australia at the International Waste To Art exhibition in Baku, Azerbaijan. His first book, All Monkeys Love Bananas, was a hit with children and adults in Australia, the Middle East and Northern Asia. Sean is an art and sport teacher at Challis Early Childhood Education Centre in Armadale. He has presented at the Perth Writers Festival, at Rosalie Writers Festival and at All Saints Festival. Sean is available for workshops and presentations of all kinds and for all ages — sculpture, writing, illustration, design and story-telling.

About Sean’s new book
Harold and Grace will be released in March 2015. This is the beautifully illustrated story of two unlikely friends. After a terrible storm, one slimy egg and one silky egg survive on a ‘lonely leaf growing on a tiny tree beside a little pond’. When the eggs hatch, Harold the tadpole and Grace the caterpillar quickly become best friends. But when Harold starts to grow fins and spends more time swimming, Grace can’t join in the fun. One day, Harold remembers to visit his old friend at the lonely leaf, but finds she is gone – only a small, silky sack remains. Wherever could Grace be? This stunning picture book is perfect for exploring both the Sustainability cross- curricular priority and biological science (Year Two content descriptor: students understand that living things grow, change and have offspring similar to themselves) with students ages 4 to 8.

Praise for Sean’s work
‘Avery’s illustrations, with their subversive, Steadman-esque quality, are full of movement and humour.’ The West Australian
‘With its velvet-feel monkeys, the cover itself is enough to draw our munchkin in ...’ Practical Parenting
‘Avery’s rhyming text is infectious ... there are echoes of Dr Seuss in the cadences of his verse ... This is an impressive debut .’ Canberra Times
‘... a playful tone and impish, endearing animals that will appeal to pre- schoolers. Verdict: Monkey Magic.’ Herald Sun