My name is Sean Edward Avery — I'm a writer-illustrator of children's picture books, a graphic designer and sculptor from Perth, Western Australia.

I am an educated man. I have a shiny certificate from Curtin University of Technology to prove it. I received my BA in Graphic Design in 2010 and landed my first publishing deal in the same year. My wonderful publisher is Fremantle Press and my book is called All Monkeys Love Bananas. Expect more exciting books from me in the future that may or may not feature such memorable characters as a crayfish that wins the lottery or a cactus that flies a jet. I haven't decided yet.

My sculpture work is all about repurposing the discarded to make something beautiful.

Pictures of my work have appeared in newspapers and magazines all around the globe and I have made it to the front page of many popular blog, trend sites or news sites. I have built many pieces for private collectors and galleries all around the world and have set up many displays in Perth, which includes Scitech, Woodside Plaza and Remida. Ripley's Believe it or Not have recently purchased some sculptures for display in their Hollywood and Baltimore museums.

Drop me a line if you'd like me to make you something special, my price guide for commissions can be found at the top of my homepage. I also do illustration and writing workshops for all ages.

You have a great day!